Montemayor's viewpoints (Córdoba)

“’The superb views from Montemayor’s hills would captivate more than a Hollywood filmmaker. ”

Montemayor is one of the highest points in all over the Cordoban’s countryside.  It is around 400 meters above sea level where this haughty village is built, whose illustration can be seen from hundreds of kilometers around. se eleva altanera la población, cuya efigie puede verse desde cientos de kilómetros de la redonda.

Inside the city centre some viewpoints with 360º perpective of the Cordoban’s countryside can be found.. We invite you approaching to one of it in order to look down on the horizon, descry near villages and discover distant mountains.


A lineal viewpoint over the castle's skirts, in which you can see the whole Cordoban's countryside.


See the Hermitage of San José, the olive groves and the traditional crops of the countryside from this viewpoint.