"A charming place, perfect for seeing the entire Cordoba's countryside"

Under the Ducal castle, the emblem of the town, is where this viewpoint can be found. From this viewpoint at the foot of the castle you can see the entire Córdoba’s countryside. If we look to the South, we find towns like Montilla, Aguilar, Los Llanos de Jarata, Puente Genil and Lucena; in the foreground, the Cerro de la Alcoba Theme Park and on the horizon, the Subbética. To the West, we find La Rambla, Montalbán or Santaella and, to the East, towns like Espejo, Castro del Río, Baena or Porcuna.     

From this point you can see in the distance two places with castles that were protected and conquered by the Christians from the Muslims during the Reconquest. One of them is located in the municipality of Montemayor, Dos Hermanas Castle, located in an easterly direction. The other, the Espejo Watchtower, which is located to the northeast direction, crowning the town with its same name.