“A place to scan the horizon bathed by the vineyards, where the delicacy of the soul of Montemayor is born”.

As its own name indicates, from this position in height we have a visual domain where the vineyards predominate. Planted for thousands of years, in Montemayor a wine was made that the palates of the wealthy Romans already tasted at least two thousand years ago. 

The olive grove also forms, in addition to cereals , one of the traditional crops of the countryside that surrounds Montemayor. These three important crops were known to the Romans as the “Mediterranean triad”. Ancient crops that can be admired from this viewpoint of the Vineyard.   

In the distance you can see the Hermitage of Saint Joseph (18th Century), a popular temple that has a main altarpiece that housed carvings by Bernardo de Mora. An image of great popular devotion is kept in it, such as the size of Saint Isidore the Laborer.