'From the viewpoint of the vineyard you can see this small popular hermitage, whitewashed and wrapped in gold in its inside'.

Within the town, at a certain distance from the urban nucleus of Montemayor, the Saint Joseph Hermitage can be located. Taking traditional Mudejar architecture as a model, the hermitage was built in just four years, between 1696 and 1700. Already in the 18th Century, it was subject of some modifications, among them, the construction of the main altarpiece, which must be highlighted.

How is the church?

 It is a Christian temple with a single nave, divided into three sections and a rectangular head. The front of the church has a great austerity, and appears endowed with a semicircular arch and, on it, a belfry.

Inside, the flat roof has been used in the first section of the church, while the groin vault has been used in the rest of the nave. The head is domed on pendentives. It has a rectangular sacristy.

White and golden.

 The austerity of the exterior, provided by the lime contrasts with the typical gold of the Baroque style found in the interior. The main altarpiece, belonging to the Rococo aesthetic, being predominant in the second half of the 18th Century has a very flat structure, made of gilded wood, abundantly decorated and presided over by the 18th Century image of Saint Joseph..

What carvings are kept in the church?

Of great devotion is undoubtedly the figure of Saint Joseph, that, together with the Immaculate Conception one, were brought from Granada at the end of the 17th Century. They are the works of Bernardo de Mora. The carving of Saint Joseph was destroyed in 1936, due to the outbreak of the Spanish Civil War. The Immaculate Conception can be seen in the Parish Church of the Assumption.

Currently, the carving that presides over the main altarpiece is Sainth Joseph, from the 18th Century.

Inside, we can also find the image of Isidore the Laborer, highly venerated in the town, and from it, the pilgrimage on May 15th starts. The town feels a particular devotion towards this temple.